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Cooking fever is yet another free-to-play mobile app, and there are tons of games out there with that offer the same freemium system that it offers. However, the charming friendly characters and the diverse levels, even the challenging gameplay adds hours of fun.

What CookingFever Is All About?

So what exactly is this highly addictive cooking game? At first glance, it’s your typical cooking-themed sim. You might find it the gameplay easy to get into and probably won’t need the tutorial that it offers at the start. Your main goal should be to upgrade your restaurant, you’ll be given a single pan and other limited quantity of products.

Fill orders fast and you would be able to serve more customers, thus having more tips and cash would greatly increase your chances in progressing through the game. You also get to unlock things such as new pans, soda fountain, burners etc.

It’s possible to say that Cooking Fever is a good game in terms of it’s genre. Customization of your equipment and restaurants plus tons of challenges and all the new dishes to discover. The game’s ability to combine great amount of achievements to the well known cooking game mechianics is a clever way to make a stage replay feel less of a grind and more meaningful.

The cooking fever gems are one of the top best android games which are available to play on the Android platform. This game is a perfect choice for the people who love cooking and want to get some appreciation from others for their preparation of great dishes. The main task of this cooking fever gems game is to cook a delicious meals and desserts from all over the world with this addictive time management game. This game comes with a wide choice of 19 unique locations from the desserts and fast food to an oyster bar and oriental restaurant. Hence the player will be able to practice their skills in a wide variety of settings and different cooking techniques.

The player is allowed to use more than 100 ingredients to cook many tasty food items and different dishes. You can try all possible kitchen appliances from the coffee makers and rice cookers to pizza ovens and popcorn makers. The player is allowed to decorate their restaurants to attract more clients. The player can make their own freebies such as cookies or cupcakes to make their customers experience more personal and memorable same like in the real life.

The player can upgrade their kitchen and produce an even greater range of dishes. This is basically the best additive and as engrossing as a fever. You have a lot of fun with cooking and it also allows you to share your delicious meals with your friends on Facebook! The player should note that the cooking fever gems now need to access to the internet in order to play. The game uses a small amount of data for all needed features like their cooking fever daily rewards, restoring lost game progress and other gameplay improvements. After playing this game you will have a great time bragging about your latest range of restaurants.

Main features of cooking fever gems: This game has more than 400 dishes to cook using more than 150 ingredients. This game is developed with a 19 unique locations, This has more than 400 levels to complete each levels of this game. There are hundreds and hundreds of upgrades for your kitchen appliances and interior. While you're installing this game the cooking fever asks permission to fully enable some function,

This game asks your permission to access the location of the user to provide region-specific in-game offers, This game asks your permission to access the external storage to correctly save their players progress. There are some tips to get more cooking fever gems game which are explained below, The coins and gems are earned while the course of playing the game. The coins are fairly easy to acquire once player have open several restaurants but the gems in cooking fever seems to come along much more slowly.

This technique can be very frustrating especially when the player is still early in the game with only 2 or 3 restaurants open. The internet is full of websites which claim to have a cheat or hack to get the unlimited free gems. The developer of this game fixed the cheat which is used to exist in the game and there are safe hacks which you can install on this android game only a few sources work.

If attempting to find the cheat from other sites, the player should know that they could potentially be downloading a possible virus or malware on your personal device. The player can able to buy gems directly from the Google play store and this a real way to cheat and the only way given by this developers to get great amount of money. But if you want to play this game without spending money, you should play good and cross upper levels of this game.

Coins and gems are the game’s currency value in which restaurant equipment is unlocked. Experience is also a factor that shouldn’t be ignored as it’s essential to level up, and you get gems each time you do.

Downloading the game is free of charge, but you quickly find out why after you do so. The developers get their revenue by including a combination of discrete advertising and IAP , some are pretty aggressive and in your face, it does get quite annoying at times.

So how does the online tool work?

cookingfever hack for free gems android and iOS

Make sure to select your correct platform or it might not work.


You need to put your Googleplay or iOS username in there before selecting the currency you wish to acquire.

Once you've picked your amount and the correct username ( doublecheck ) a terminal-like code will start adding the requested amount onto the server ( YOU NEED INTERNET CONNECTION FOR THIS ) at this point you should wait for the Success tab to appear. Don't leave without that coming up or it won't work.
Pick a realistic number. Just remember that others are using this Cooking fever tool too so you would want to only take as much gems as you need. cheat in moderation :) you can operate this website on a mobile device too.

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Why not try these simple tricks to get more gems:

  1. Get a Welcome Back reward

After Day 7 you will receive the amount of 2 gems daily.

It helps you save up some gems ( although a small amount ) to do some upgrades.

  1. Play the casino

If you bet 500 there is a chance that you could win 15 gems. The casino itself is just as much of an addiction as the cookingfever game! Casino is available when you reach Level 7.

  1. Increase Experience Level

Play the exact same level over and over to get the next EL and thus, earn gems.

Get fun and unique gifts for your avatar when someone joins through your unique link!

  1. In-App Purchase

When all else fails, paying just that small amount of cooking fever gems could save you a lot of headache and browsing online. Just be mindful and don't let it become a habit!

Why you need to get cookingfever gems

CookingFever is a really good, fun and addicitive game and would be perfect if it wasn't so hard to complete levels without using gems! Completing Levels take forever without gems which you either have to buy or wait for ages to earn them! Come on! Make it easier to get the gems or allow upgrades with cash and not gems all the time!